Appendix H Activated

Dear GLP members,

We have been informed by the Employer that Appendix H has been activated retroactively to July 1, 2023. As per the Collective Agreement, this means that the period of compensation will include the two weeks prior to the effective date of July 1, 2023.

The Employer has also stated that members who are unable to come in to work or work from another location because of the wildfire situation can be placed on paid administrative leave for the duration of the safety concern, regardless of whether their actual work location is safe to work or not. This leave must be approved by the excluded manager who determines an employee’s eligibility based on their particular circumstances.

Thank you to those members for their work on the emergency wildfire response. Please stay informed to ensure you know when Appendix H is no longer in place.

We continue to ask the province to recognize and consider improving the compensation structure of Appendix H as it discourages professionals from responding to calls for participation on TEAMS and makes it challenging for the province to respond during emergency situations.

Melissa Moroz
Labour Relations Officer

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