Update on Public Service Agency ‘Appendix H’ Meeting

Dear PEA Members,

On June 3rd, representatives from the Government Licensed Professionals (GLP) Chapter met with Shannon Salter, the Head of the BC Public Service Agency (PSA), to discuss current issues related to compensation of PEA members who work extraordinary hours during emergencies (Appendix H, Leave for Meritorious Service). These issues unfortunately discourage members from volunteering for Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (TEAMS) and undermine the province’s preparedness for and response to emergencies.

In addition, it was recognized that as professionals, members have been sent by the employer on a non-voluntary basis due to their unique skillset to help critical areas during emergencies.

The meeting focused on the uncertainties surrounding the activation and deactivation of Meritorious Service and the timeliness of pay. On the employer side, Shannon Salter was joined by Deb Goffrey and Korina Tsui. On the union side, I was joined by Trevor Demerse and Labour Relations Officer Melissa Moroz.

During the meeting, both parties acknowledged the importance of addressing these concerns to ensure that our members feel supported and fairly compensated for their vital work during emergencies. The PSA agreed to review the current system and explore improvements in communicating when Meritorious Service is activated and deactivated. Additionally, they committed to developing a timelier system for the payment of compensation for hours worked outside of regular scheduled hours.

We recognize that the PSA has been making efforts to be more responsive to emergencies, as demonstrated by the early activation of Meritorious Service this year. This is a positive step, and we appreciate their willingness to engage in open dialogue with our union to address these critical issues.

The PSA said they will give us proposals to address these concerns. We will keep our membership informed as soon as we receive further information.

Thank you for your continued dedication and service. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your union representatives.

Best regards,

Dwayne Anderson
Chair of GLP Executive Committee
Professional Employees Association

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