Update from your PEA LSL Exec and Bargaining Committee

THANK YOU to all who participated in the bargaining survey – we had an extraordinarily high response rate this year (51 respondents out of 53 active members). We really appreciate your input and the time you spent discussing the issues with your Bargaining Committee members and completing the survey. The Bargaining Committee is now reviewing your responses in detail, and consulting and drafting a proposal that reflects the feedback we’ve received from you. A MASSIVE thanks as well to our Bargaining Committee members (Kurt, Cindy, Helen, Anneke, and Manika) who have been working diligently to best represent our interests.

Manika, Brett and I recently met with Hilary Stoddard to discuss the “Return to New Normal” Committee’s work and next steps. The content of the discussion was essentially the same as was presented in last week’s “LSBC Live!” presentation. (If you missed it, it’s posted on Lex. In short, the Law Society is working towards a hybrid workplace model post-pandemic; there are a lot of practical details to be worked out; and all staff can anticipate an employee survey on this issue in the next bit). In our meeting with Hilary, we emphasized the LSL’s desire to be consulted in the process in a timely manner. In general, there is a lot of overlap between the Law Society’s plan and the feedback we received from you on this issue. This is good news as working remotely and flexible work hours was ranked by 60% of you as “very important” in the bargaining survey. We will continue to monitor progress and take up any issues as necessary.

FYI, I have been attending PEA Executive meetings on behalf of the LSL for the last year. These are day-long, monthly sessions (virtual at this point) with representatives from all the other chapters at which we address and decide on issues affecting the PEA at large (e.g. staffing, budget, strategic planning, Convention, etc.). At the most recent meeting, among other things the Exec made permanent Brett’s position as Senior Communications and Membership Development Officer, and recognized his stepping up to take on additional Labour Relations Officer duties for our chapter and LABC in addition to this work – thank you and congrats to Brett! We also approved other administrative efficiencies (such as publishing the Professional twice a year rather than quarterly).

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to volunteer, please let us know! As ever, we are happy to engage with any of you directly on these or other issues.


-Megan, on behalf of the LSL Exec (me, Anneke and Dimple)

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