PEA Executive Committees

Our Executive Committees are established following Convention to serve the ongoing functions of the Association.

The committees are composed of PEA Executive members and members-at-large. Committees meet virtually, generally two to three times per year. Applications for union leave can be issued for committee work that falls within regular work hours.

The PEA Executive will appoint members to three-year terms for all committees later following the PEA triennial conventions. Term start dates will vary for committees. Please find general information about our committees below or email with any questions.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee assesses the applications for PEA scholarships and bursaries, and the nominations for the PEA Service Award. The committee consists of two executive members and up to two members-at-large, and the Executive Director or their designate. The Committee recommends Service Award winners prior to convention. Find out more about the scholarship and bursary program here.

Education Committee
The Education Committee makes recommendations regarding the Education Conference, Local Representative training and other educational opportunities for members. The committee consists of the Second Vice-President (chair), two additional executive members and two members-at-large.

Equity and Diversity Committee
The Equity and Diversity Committee is responsible for ensuring policies and procedures create a welcoming environment for those within and outside of the PEA regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, visible or non-visible mental or physical disability, and others who may contribute to further diversity in the PEA. In keeping with their Terms of Reference, the committee consists of up to three executive members, up to three members-at-large, and one staff member.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is responsible for monitoring, and providing periodic recommendations on PEA governance and related policies (i.e., how decisions are made and accountability is achieved across the PEA). The Governance Committee guides strategic planning, Association Executive processes and functions, the inter-relationship between the Association Executive and PEA chapters, and education related to governance. The Committee consists of no more than five members. including one who must be a table officer. The Executive may appoint up to two members-at-large.

Grants and Donations Committee
The job of the Grants and Donations Committee make recommendations to provide targeted donations to priority organizations, based on policy criteria. The Association Executive allocates budgeted funds for grants and donations each year.

Policy Review Committee
The Policy Review Committee periodically reviews all existing policies to ensure their continued relevance and appropriateness. The committee also reviews and makes recommendations on issues or proposed policies referred by the PEA Executive or by Convention. The Committee consists of three executive members, one of whom must be a table officer, and up to two members-at-large.

Table Officers Committee
The PEA Table Officers Committee provides input and guidance to PEA staff setting Association Executive meeting agendas, and moving forward on PEA initiatives and proceedings. The Table Officers Committee consists of the elected President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.

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