PEA Convention: Leadership Update and Service Awards

Last week, we hosted PEA chapter delegates here in Victoria for our 15th Constitutional Convention, and we’re pleased to announce our new Association Executive Table Officers, who will serve until our next Convention in 2027:   

Cliff Haman, President  
For the last three years, Cliff has been the PEA’s Second Vice-President and served as the Chapter Chair at UVic, where he is a Senior Academic Assistant.   

Jeremy Orrego, First Vice-President   
Since joining the PEA in 2019, Jeremy has been a part of the Association Executive and his Chapter Executive. Jeremy is a lawyer at Legal Aid BC in Campbell River.   
Ronda Field, Second Vice-President   
A long-serving local rep, Ronda has been the Chapter Chair for HSP for the last ten years and previously served a full term as the PEA’s Second-Vice President in 2019. She is a physiotherapist at the Fraser Health Authority.  
Edmond Margawang, Secretary-Treasurer  
Edmond was the past Secretary-Treasurer for the GLP Chapter and was part of the last two rounds of GLP bargaining committee. He is a pharmacist in Victoria.   

Many thanks and gratitude to our outgoing Table Officers, who contributed significantly to the union and received Service Awards during Convention, which you can read about below.  
PEA Service Awards   

Melissa Doyle, Learning Experience Designer, UVic  
Melissa has been the Secretary-Treasurer since 2017 and with the Association Executive since 2013. Her work goes deeper than reviewing the PEA’s finances; she has also chaired committees and facilitated strategic planning. We are grateful for the accessibility lens she brings to the union and for championing equity, diversity, and inclusion.  
Sandra Guerreiro, Audience Services Manager and Instructor, UVic  
Sandra has been a steadfast volunteer as a local rep and a part of the UVic Chapter Executive for the PEA since she joined in 1995, the year the chapter was formed. She has been on every bargaining committee since 2004 and is known as the PEA’s institutional memory. Her notes from previous rounds of bargaining have given us a distinct advantage over the employer.   

Shawna LaRade, Rangeland Stewardship Officer, GLP   
Shawna has made many contributions during her five years as our president. She first became active as a GLP bargaining committee member in 2011 and then as a local rep in 2014. She also served as the GLP Executive from 2012 until 2019, when she was elected PEA President. She has been part of many committees and represented the PEA at the BC Federation of Labour and Canadian Labour Congress. She brings a thoughtful approach to everything she does, always with a sense of humour, and her collaborative leadership style will be missed by the Executive and staff.    

Cherene Palmer, Servicing Representative, HESU   
Cherene has been our First Vice-President since 2019 and has also been the Chair of her HESU Chapter. Thanks to her fundamental knowledge of labour relations and the labour movement, Cherene has guided the PEA through many important decisions. She was also part of the last two rounds of UWU bargaining for staff, and served as chair on multiple committees.   

Bev Waterfield, Teacher, SMS  
Bev has been an active union member for over ten years, sitting on countless PEA committees, chairing her SMS Chapter, and serving on the Association Executive. Her strong sense of leadership, advocacy, and fairness helped tremendously during the St. Margaret’s School 2023 round of bargaining.  She has volunteered many hours outside of her teaching job and work hours to support the union.   

Congratulations to all five outstanding leaders for their work and service to the union. We are thankful for all you have given to your chapters and the broader PEA.   

During the Convention, many resolutions were debated, including a few that came off the floor. We will start planning how they will be actioned in the coming weeks.    

Duty with Dignity – Our 50-Year History  
Thanks to everyone who attended our special webinar with labour historian Ben Isitt, who recently updated Duty with Dignity to include the last ten years of the PEA’s history.    

Thanks again to all the members who made time to attend Convention, which is an important process for our union.    

Wishing you a great long weekend.   

Scott McCannell  
Executive Director 

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