HSP Regular Members: Professional Fee Reimbursement

Dear HSP members,

Thank you for your patience regarding the reimbursement of professional fees. We are pleased to announce that regular HSP members are now able to apply for funding to cover their health science professional fees for 2023 – negotiated in the recent round of HSPBA bargaining.

Recognizing that many health science professionals pay out of pocket for mandatory regulatory body fees, and/or voluntary fees to professional associations that help them enhance their ability to maintain current and best practices, for the current year – 2023 – you may submit a receipt for reimbursement to cover the fees related to one professional body of your choice.

Application for reimbursement will be open to all regular members until October 31, 2023. Funding is limited and the PEA cannot guarantee sufficient funds will be available to reimburse regular members after the October 31 deadline. Regular members should submit their applications as early as possible.

We will communicate with casual members regarding the details of their application process in November.

You are encouraged to apply for reimbursement for the highest dollar value fee you paid or will pay in 2023 and you will be reimbursed up to a maximum cap, informed by the fee rates set by regulatory bodies and professional associations. Please note that the maximum cap is based on required regulatory professional fees. Voluntary fees in excess of this amount will not be fully reimbursed.

How To Apply
To apply for reimbursement of your 2023 health science professional fees, please submit the following three documents to hspfees@pea.org:

A completed 2023 HSP Pro Fees Application form. You can also complete the form  online. 

A digital copy (picture or scan) of the receipt you are applying to claim reimbursement for.
A completed Direct Deposit Form (please complete this form even if you have previously submitted one to the PEA).

Note: Please use only the email above for your application and DO NOT email or cc: it to any PEA staff directly as this will slow down processing of your application.

Thank you,

Rhiannon Bray
Labour Relations Officer

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