HSP Classification Review Update

Thank you to those who took part in the HSPBA classification review. We appreciate you reviewing your job description, completing the online classification review tool, filing a profile match objection, and advocating for your job and profession.

Last fall, PEA members reviewed the employer-assigned classification profile matches for thousands of health science professional jobs. Profile match objections were filed by members and PEA staff, where it was thought that the employer-assigned profile match was incorrect. The union moved these objections through the agreed process using the information you provided. The outcome of each objection was then decided by the appointed case manager or referee (an experienced third-party labour relations practitioner familiar with the new profiled-based classification system).

In late July and early August, the union will meet by profession with members who filed appeals to discuss the outcome of your objection. This outcome was based on the available evidence; the case manager or a referee decided in favour of the employer’s match.

If you disagree with the case manager’s or referee’s decision and wish to correct your match profile, you may file a grievance once the new profile-based classification system is implemented later this year or early in 2025. To prepare for a potential grievance, you may wish to gather specific detailed examples of work you perform that is part of the profile you believe that your job should match. Any relevant information will help support your grievance. As you gather this information, please be aware that the new profile-based classification system is based on “best fit.” This means that while elements of your job may match with multiple profiles, your job will be matched to the profile that best matches the majority of your job.

If you filed an appeal, you will receive an email with specific meeting information for your profession in the coming weeks.

Thank you once again for participating in this process.


Rhiannon Bray
Labour Relations Officer

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