GLP declares impasse with BC government and calls for a strike vote

May 16, 2022 (Victoria) – The Professional Employees Association (PEA) reached impasse with the provincial government’s Public Service Agency (PSA) in negotiating a contract for the 1,200 Government Licensed Professionals (GLP) working in the public service. The GLP collective agreement expired on March 31, 2022.

The union entered bargaining with the PSA on April 11 but it quickly became apparent that member priorities involving compensation would not be adequately addressed.

“With the rising cost of inflation, the number one issue for our members is a wage proposal that includes COLA (cost of living adjustment) protection,” said Melissa Moroz, Labour Relations Officer with the PEA. “We have reached impasse because the BC government is essentially asking our members to take a pay cut.”

GLP members are employed by the BC government and work across 11 ministries as engineers, geoscientists, psychologists, pharmacists, agrologists, foresters and veterinarians. Their work provides government with the knowledgeable oversight of forestry, mining, and fossil fuels, and also includes the planning of BC’s infrastructure, forests, and farms. During the devastating wildfire and flooding of 2021, these professionals were a critical part of the emergency response, rebuilding bridges and roads, forecasting flooding impacts, and helping farmers evacuate.

“Our members are the scientific experts the province relies on,” says Moroz. “With climate change an ever-present reality, we need them to help keep our province safe. We hope the province will come back to the table with a meaningful offer that recognizes the value of professionals in the public service.”

The PEA will be meeting with GLP members in advance of the strike vote, which will be conducted over two weeks beginning Tuesday, June 7 with vote results on Wednesday, June 22, the same day the BC General Employees’ Union will announce their strike vote results.

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The Professional Employees Association is a labour union for professional employees. The union was formed in 1974 to represent the Government Licensed Professionals employed in the BC Public Service and has since grown to represent professionals in the education, legal, union and health care sectors.

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