Action Required – Update Your Member Contact Details

Dear GLP members,

Please review and update your PEA contact details immediately to ensure we have your preferred home email address, current work location, and mobile phone number on record. This will ensure you receive bargaining bulletins and other important updates during the bargaining process.

URGENT: Visit and log-in to review and update your contact details.
Contact for assistance.

The GLP bargaining committee is heading to the table on Monday, April 11 with the employer. We will be providing an update early next week on how bargaining is progressing.

The PEA is closely watching what is happening with the BCGEU since they reached impasse over wages this week. Like the BCGEU, the PEA will be proposing wage increases that provide for, a minimum, Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) protection. You can see the wages proposed by the BCGEU and the Employer HERE.

Updating your membership contact details will enable the PEA to coordinate any potential job action in support of the BCGEU or other circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to ensure your membership details are current.

PEA Communications

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