GLP Emergency Response Update

GLP – Government Licensed Professionals

Dear GLP members,

As the province grapples with yet another devastating emergency we wanted to check in on a number of fronts.

Firstly, to those members who have been displaced or had their lives upended by the floods, landslides and storms, our hearts are with you. We have put forward a Red Cross donation request to the PEA Executive in support of the massive relief effort.

Heroic actions have been taken this week to help impacted communities, and we extend huge thanks to those involved in the emergency response. Many of our members are directly involved in rebuilding the critical infrastructure that has been impacted. Others are being asked to support the emergency response centres throughout the province. The list goes on. This disaster, coming on the heels of a record-breaking forest fire season, on top of an ongoing pandemic, has shown how much the province relies on the public service. During a crisis, the work GLP members do is essential.

Campaign and Lobbying
As you know, the PEA will be bargaining in 2022. As part of our pre-bargaining campaign, we are lobbying the government to address the ongoing significant recruitment and retention issues that impact our members and the public. Since September we have also been working on a campaign that pressures the province to adequately compensate our members who provide critical services in response to emergencies (Information Appendix H).

Appendix H: Work in Response To Emergencies
For those members who have been asked to work evenings, weekends or any time outside of normal work hours – keep track of your time. As far as we know, Appendix H has not been activated, meaning there will be no additional compensation for time worked. To us, this extraordinary volume of work goes well beyond the intent of OSS (Overtime, Shift-Work, and Standby). This is a long-overdue matter that the government needs to urgently address.

Please continue to share stories with us regarding your involvement in this latest emergency and reach out if you need support.

Scott McCannell
PEA Executive Director

Melissa Moroz
Labour Relations Officer

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