HSP — Health Science Professionals

Health Science Professionals who work for regional health authorities are represented by a bargaining association.

PEA members — physiotherapists, pharmacists, psychologists and public health engineers — make up a small part of some 10,000 professionals.

Apart from PEA, other unions in the bargaining association include the Health Sciences Association (HSA), the BC Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU) and others.

At Your Fingertips

Need Help?

Your Labour Relations Officer is:

Rhiannon Bray, 250-385-8791 ext 204


HSP Executive

Chairperson: Ronda Field, 604-897-0189

Vice-Chair: Alyssa Beaven

Secretary-Treasurer: Sean Lisik

Member-at-large:  Sarah Henckel-Sutmoller, 250-850-2180

Member-at-large: Sam Rumak

Member-at-large: Sam Suffiad

Professional Development Funding

Chapter Funding

The chapter offers a variety of programs for HSP members to fund professional development:

  • HSPBA Pro-D funding
  • Chapter Bursary

You can find out more about chapter funding options here.

Enhanced Disability Management Program

Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP)

You can find out more information here.

HSP News

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The PEA and HSP Chapter Executive sent the following letter to Minister Dix regarding the urgent need to improve the retention and recruitment of physiotherapists.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Working in partnership with the government of British Columbia, the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association has secured $3 million in new funding to support professional development for

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Volunteer on a PEA Executive Committee! Our Executive Committees are established following convention to serve the ongoing functions of the Association.

HSP AGM 2021


October 15, 2021
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PDT

Registration for Zoom Link was sent via email. Contact membership@pea.org for assistance.


1. Call to Order/Territory Acknowledgement/Establishment of Quorum (7)

2. Additions to Agenda

3. Review of 2020 Draft AGM Minutes of November 16, 2020 – ACTION: Approval Required
    3.1. Chairperson’s Report
    3.2. Association Executive Report
    3.3. 2021 Membership Survey Highlights
    3.4. Communication
    3.5. Local Reps
    3.6. Education Opportunities

4. Financial Report – Current Balance, 2020 Financial Summary, 2021 YTD Summary (to be posted) – ACTION: Approval Required
    4.1. Expenses – Scan and Send Lunch Receipts to R. Field, Chair
    4.2. Bursaries
    4.3. Donations

5. LRO Report and Updates

6. Business Arising from 2020 AGM

6.1. Bursaries Paid for 2020 and 2021. Next Round 2022

7. New Business
    7.1. HSP Constitution Updates (Housekeeping): ACTION: Approval Required
    7.2. Engagement Strategies – Member suggestions, volunteers to manage social media?

8. HSP Committee Vacancies/Nominations/Elections
   Current Executive committee includes the following:
   • Ronda Field (Current Chair)
   • Secretary Treasurer (Vacant): Must be filled by someone who can go to VanCity
   • Alyssa Beaven (Current Vice-Chair, HSP Rep on PEA Association Executive)
  • Sarah Sutmoller (Current Member-at-Large)
  • Sam Suffiad (MAL and Pharm Rep)
  • Looking for other MALs (including regions and professions not currently represented)
  • Nominations

9. Prize Draw – Random Draw for $25 Gift Certificate (8 available, must still be present to win)

10. Adjournment

    HSP Collective Agreement FAQs

    HSP Constitution

    In this section

    The PEA was formed in 1974, by a group of professionals working in the public sector. The story goes that the founders of the union mortgaged their houses to fund negotiations of the union’s first collective agreement. 

    Now, the PEA is BC’s union for professionals. We represent a wide range of professionals including lawyers, foresters, engineers, agrologists, teachers, veterinarians, fundraisers, physiotherapists, pharmacists, psychologists program managers, librarians and more.

    Our union is led by the PEA Executive. They represent members from across the chapters of the PEA and set the overall vision and direction for our union.

    Resources for our members

    Navigating a union can sometime be a challenging process. Under this section of the website you will find resources to help you navigate the PEA. In the members section you'll find expense claim reimbursements, information on the PEA's scholarship and bursary program and our grants and donations program.

    Collective bargaining and job action resources explain the process of collective bargaining and what to do in the unlikely event of job action. 

    Local reps can also find resources to help them complete their job more effectively. This includes ways to welcome new members, how to take notes in investigation disciplinary meetings and more.

    The heart of our union

    The PEA is made up of nine chapters, or groups of members who either work for the same employer or are in the same field of work. Each chapter has an elected executive tasked with running the affairs of the chapter. Each chapter is entitled to representation at the PEA Executive, the governing body of the union. 

    Our members work for a range of employers: the Province of BC, the University of Victoria, St. Margaret's School, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, the Oil and Gas Commission, the Law Society of BC, Legal Services Society, the Okangan Regional Library and health authorities across BC.

    Professionals need unions now more then ever

    Since the 1970’s, when the PEA was formed, our mission has been to ensure our members can work in safe, productive environments and receive fair and reasonable wages and benefits for the valuable work they do. We help individuals and groups of professional workers to understand the challenges they face in their workplaces and some of the solutions available to them. 

    We work with potential members to become certified as a union and achieve the wages, benefits and respect they deserve. 

    The Professional | Volume 48 Issue 1

    The Professional is the PEA's award-winning, quarterly magazine for members.

    The Spring 2022 issue takes a deep dive into the work of GLP members and their work during provincial emergencies.

    Read the latest issue



    The PEA was formed in 1974 to represent licensed professionals in the BC Public Service. Since then the organization has grown to include a wide range of professionals from across BC. Find our more about our governance, staff and strategic direction.

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